I already have a finished, print-ready book file. Can I publish, print & distribute it with Type & Tell?

You can – as long as your book files match the book sizes we offer.

For print books, the sizes are: 

American paperback, 178 x 108 mm 

British paperback, 203 x 133 mm 

Digest (Demy), 216 x 140 mm)

For e-books, please make sure both your interior and cover files are technically correct before submitting them into our system.

If your book fulfils our specifications, you can create an account and easily upload your files onto our platform. After that, it's only a matter of choosing which services you want us to take care of for you!

You can find more specific guidelines for creating your own book files in our Resource Centre. Please note that the design of both the interior and the cover files is a precise art – the sizes have to match up exactly.

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