Uploading your Print-Ready PDF interior file

Finished your book? You can use the Book Editor to upload a print-ready PDF file. 

Please ensure that you have followed these requirements: 

Basic info: 

We recommend using Adobe InDesign to typeset your interior, as you can then save the correct PDF file. We accept Adobe PDF format [PDF/x-1a2001]. PDFs created using the 'Save As' function from Microsoft are not supported as fonts will not be embedded.

  • The interior of your book must be uploaded separately from your cover. 
  • All fonts must be embedded.
  • Use a single page format. (1-up per page, rather than a spread).
  • Make sure the final page is blank. 
  • Do not include crop, registration or printer marks.
  • For revisions, the entire file must be re-uploaded. Partial pages cannot be accepted. 


  • Margins must be a minimum of 0.5" (13 mm) from the final trim size on all sides. This includes page numbers and non-bleeding text and art. We allow for a  2 mm  variance on printing. If the text/images are too close to the trim edges, they could be cut in the printing and binding process. 
  • Gutter margins -  3 mm is required on the bind side of the interior. 


  • B&W interior - We do not guarantee bleed off of any edge of the text page
  • Colour interior - Full 3 mm past final trim size, except on bind/spine side


  • B&W Interior - Do not include spot colours or ICC profiles and all images should be converted to grayscale. 
  • Colour Interior - Must include CMYK images at 72 dpi or higher. CMYK value should not exceed 240%. Elements should not be built in "Registration". All spot colours with/without transparencies must be converted CMYK. 

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